Harmonica Organic Foods

Client: Bio Bulgaria
Website: harmonica.bg
Status: Offline
Release Date: 30.01.2020
Category: Informational Website, e-Zine
Maintenance: 2009-2020

Harmonica is a producer of real food with care for the soil, water and biodiversity, to keep us in good health and to delight us with their taste. It offers traditional Bulgarian products, such as yoghurt, ayran, cheese, filo pastry, boza, jams, marmalades, lyutenitsa, and many others.

5 years after the release of the current version of the website came the need for interface improvements to the articles - with different emphasis on content elements, larger photos and more. The changes have been made to minimally affect the appearance of the content accumulated over the years and the content templates used so far. We've added more modules, such as team, FAQs, and various interface improvements.


Graphic design concept: Fontan2
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