Hahaha Impro Theatre

Client: Hahaha Impro Theatre
Website: hahahaimpro.com
Status: Online
Release Date: 11.02.2013
Category: Informational Website
Maintenance: 2013-2014

Hahaha is the first and only professional improvisational theater group in Bulgaria. Established in 2009, with over 100 performances of all sorts and locations. In Impro theater there is no script and predefined roles. Whatever happens will happen only once, just for you and only for you. Literally. Any Impro is in danger of failure every single second. And that's why it is so exciting.

The website provides information about the group and the actors in it. It brings together the information for the regular performances and the impro-classes for children and adults, performances at various events, trainings, and more. The entire content of the website can be managed easily and comfortably by all team members.


Logo & event posters: Adelina Boneva
Website graphic design: Fontan2
Website interface (front-end development), custom WordPress theme development: Pixelflower


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