The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis

Client: Plovdiv District Administration
Status: Online
Release Date: 04.03.2012
Category: Informational Website, Interactive Map, Promo Multimedia
Maintenance: 2011-2012

The website presents the Ancient Stadium in the context of the Ancient city of Philippopolis. The differend archeological sites in the city can be seen in an interactive map - the Ancient Theatre, the East Gate, the Great Basilica, the Forum, etc. so that visitors can see and feel the entire area, surrounding the Stadium.

The website shows an interactive map, presenting the different visible parts of the Stadium, currently laying under the main street of Plovdiv, so that they are percepted as a single architectural site. There is also information about the games, different stages of archeological research, accompanied by lots of images. Users can see the architectural design project and the different stages of construction works, currently in progress. In 2012 at Djumaya Sq. in Plovdiv visitors will be able to see how exactly the stadium looked like in 2nd century.

The website is part of the project "The Ancient stadium of Philippopolis - preservation, renovation and urban renewal", being realized with the support of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.


Graphic design concept, interactive maps: Kalin Varbanov, Loopink
Interface (front-end development), back-end development & CMS: Pixelflower
Translations, text corrections, architecture consulting: Atelie 3
Usability testing: Lucrat


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