Such is Life

Client: Supernova Media
Status: Offline
Release Date: 11.12.2007
Category: Informational Website
Maintenance: 2007-2010

Such is Life is a TV documentary reality, production of Supernova Media. It shows the daily problems seen through the eyes of the ordinary people, how they manage with them, how do they change in the new situations. It can be seen every Saturday on the national television channel bTV. Each season consists of 13 series, dedicated to a given theme.

The website presents in image galleries and video the past seasons: Sheinovo, The wedding, The newborns, The new Bulgarians, as well as the new season: The Graduation ball.


Graphic design concept: Kristina Toujarova
Interface (front-end development), back-end development & CMS: Pixelflower

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