Programata - Free Cultural Guide

Client: Programata Media Group
Status: Online
Release Date: 08.06.2008
Category: Event Management System, e-Zine, e-Application
Maintenance: 2002-2008

Programata is a free cultural guide presenting the cultural programme in the major Bulgarian cities. The website provides daily updated information about the forthcoming events, news, interviews and catalogue of clubs and bars. The information in the website is updated daily by the website editors. The custom-tailored CMS also has a huge reporting engine which helps the staff for the pre-press of the weekly print magazines for each of the cities.

The website preserves the entire information, entered since the initial release of the website in 2002, presenting it with a new vision, structure and advertising zones. It also presents information about festivals, interviews, news, image galleries and interactive panoramas for locations. Place addresses can be seen on a real-time generated maps, provided by ESRI Bulgaria.

Website users can register in the website and after logging in can post comments, rate places and events and add notes to their personal calendar.

The site has RSS feeds for news, interviews and events in each if the sections.


Here comes a short list of features that differ from our initial concept for the site:

  • We have planned a fast keyword search for the entire website content. Unfortunately this feature was dropped.
  • We have developed an inline alphabet tool for fast navigation in long lists of events and places. Unfortunately we had to remove it and replace it with search filters and alphabet tools that show partially the lists.
  • We have planned a daily/weekly/monthly program for event lists. Unfortunately we had to leave only one list showing weekly/monthly program by default.
  • We have developed a daily/weekly/monthly program for each place and event. Unfortunately we had to leave only one list showing next week or month by default.
  • We have designed a set of pictograms for the context information in the website, which would help users navigating through it. You can still see few of them in the website.


In the end of 2011 the graphic design of the website is changes. The web application behind the graphic design remains the same.


Graphic design concept: Loopink
Project management, interface (front-end development), back-end development & CMS: Pixelflower


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