Maleeva Tennis Club

Client: Maleeva Tennis Club
Status: Online
Release Date: 24.07.2011
Category: Informational Website
Maintenance: 2005-2014

Maleeva Tennis Club is a modern sport centre where you can play sports, rejuvenate, or just relax in a pleasant and serene environment. The Club has a specialized tennis hall, indoor and outdoor courts, squash hall, fitness hall, group activities halls, massage rooms, SPA centre, restaurant, bar, beauty centre, as well as a playground for children.

The new website of Maleeva Tennis Club (released 6 years after the first one) presents the club, its activities, information about the sports and services offered, with variety of images. The information in the website has the same structure for bulgarian and english versions of the website and is dynamically updated by the club's team.


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